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Quickly see the inverter password such as Schneider inverter

First, the super password of Delta inverter

-B series :57522

-H series: 33582

S1 series variable frequency all-round password: 575222,


Ou Rui inverter (that is Before Huifeng converter) super password is: 18881500-G 1500-P are common 1000-G 200-G's.


Three, Shuopu frequency conversion high-end menu P301 input 321A000 input 11, refresh the program;

P301 input 321A000 input 9, enter menu E001, input Machine G;

PE002 rated voltage, E003 rated current, E004 voltage correction, E005 does not move, E006 current correction.


Fourth, the general PI2000 refresh setting method:

(1) Set C01 to 222 to enter P14:

< p="">(2) Set P14 to 3 pairs of CPU refresh. At this time, PI2000 will set C01 to 222 to enter P14 parameter setting, P14 is set to 2, P01 will set the model to G, F, P02 to set the inverter. Voltage 380V, P03 sets the rated current of the inverter, P04 sets the voltage display, P05 sets the current display.


V.Invitrogen Inverter Almighty Password 50112 Model CHV, CHE, CHF No matter how many passwords are set in parameter P7-00, its The all-round password is: 501126, no password can not enter;


Six, Mitsubishi 740 pull the panel and plug it in.


7. Emerson TD3000 password 8888, Emerson TD3300 password 200228


8 , Xilin Inverter's all-round password: 6860 (previously, now everyone try).


Nine, ABB ACS600 inverter full parameter password NAMC main control board parameter setting:

1, enter the password in the 16.03 parameter: 23032, The parameter 102.01 is set to: false to enter all the main control board parameters.


10, Yaskawa G5 inverter password, specifically displayed in A1-04, adjust to this parameter, then press and hold MENU button and RESET button for 10 seconds, You can see the password. After seeing the password, transfer it to A1-05 and enter the password to modify the parameters.


11. The password of Yaskawa G7. When A1-04 is displayed, press RESET while pressing MENU to display the password setting of A1-05, and then put this password. Enter it into A1-04 and you can use this password to enter.


12. The operation method of the parameters of the Hitachi J300 inverter to restore the factory value, the method is to rename a multi-function terminal to the "initialization" function (parameter C0) -C7), then short the terminal to the common terminal "CM1" (or P24), and then turn off the inverter and then send power. To change terminal "7" to "initialize" function, set parameter C6 to "7".


13. Delta's brand A series inverter locks the keyboard with modified parameters, causing most of the parameters to be uneditable. The manual does not clearly explain how to unlock the keyboard. Lock, press MODE and RESET together to display P256 (P256 does not mean anything in the manual), press ENTER to modify this parameter, change 00 to 01, press ENTER to exit and modify all parameters.


14, Jiaxin TX-4T040C type inverter, the parameters can not be modified. The parameter number of the inverter is F00-F99, a total of 100 parameters. F00 is the user password setting, the factory setting is: 8888. The machine password has been modified. The method of unlocking the password is: the inverter is powered on, and the JP4 solder joint is shorted, and the factory password is restored. JP4 is above the motherboard CPU, it is an empty terminal, there is no plug, just two pads. After shorting it, enter the parameter setting and confirm the 8888 factory password, you can modify the parameters after F00.


15, Fuji VG3, VG5, VG7 elevator dedicated inverter, VG5 password is the next parameter 200, set to 0 data can not be changed, set to 1 data Can be changed; VG7 universal password FFFF, that is, you have to lose FFFF to enter.


16. The password of Xiwei Inverter, in SERVICE, enter 28622 and go in.


17. The Schneider inverter is set with a password. Find the COD in the SUP menu and enter 6969.


18, 6SE70 book type inverter is set password, can not open. Change the data in P358 and P359 to the same.


19, TECO M3 series inverter, change the parameter P00 to 05 to see 65 parameters, P00 to 08 for 2-wire initialization, P00 Change to 03 parameter can be changed.


Twenty-three and three-inch inverter common password: CD900 is set to 36521.


Twenty-one, the versatile password for the Continental 590 is 131122.


22. After the Huichuan inverter is locked by the password, you can't see any parameters. Enter the universal password 18181 to open the password lock.


Twenty-three, LG-iS5   FU2-94 is set to 240 to see the MAK parameters