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Invitro Drive GD20

Invitro Drive GD20

Product Details


GD20 Series Yingweiteng Inverter accepts rate sensorless vector control technology, and the product has excellent driving function and control function; product hardware setting equipment is thick, software is powerful, and it is easy to use and not There are relatively large promotions on the basis of sex, which can better meet the needs of various industrial control places. Goodrive20 series 18.5KW~110KW comes standard with built-in DC reactor, 18.5~37KW built-in standard brake unit, 45~110KW optional built-in brake unit, full series of self-supporting air ducts, and promotes the product's ability to rely on the warfare, strengthen Product competitiveness.

● Excellent control function

Adopting PG-free vector control mode, excellent control function;

-Excellent vector control function

-Excellent electromechanical driver function

-Excellent high-frequency business function

The product size is reduced, which is the throttling device space for the customer;

2.2KW (dew) supports the side-by-side rail device as follows;

● Product settings The equipment and interface are thick and powerful.

The built-in 485 communication interface comes standard. It has thick input terminals and output terminals, and is provided with an external keyboard interface to better meet the needs of the field;

< p="">18.5~110KW inverter comes standard with built-in DC reactor, improve product power factor;

37KW (exposed) as standard built-in brake unit; 45KW~110KW, optional built-in brake unit; /p>

● Diverse device layout

2.2KW (exposed) Supports rail-type war wall-mounted device Body pattern; 4KW (exposed) support wall-mounted battle flange type device;

● The product is easy to use and protects the convenience

The fan is self-assembling and easy to protect;

No matching The popular LED external keyboard keyboard with the parameter copy function LED external keyboard, no need to use the same;

● Integrated thick product function, satisfying diverse needs

Simple PLC, multi-speed control, built-in PID , torque control, multi-point V / F curve, a variety of brake body pattern, instantaneous power failure without downtime;

● use universal

vector control platform products, powerful Excellent performance, Commonly used in small and medium power use places, such as food machinery, plastic machinery, ceramic equipment, oil machinery, cable installation equipment, air compressors, machine tool equipment, woodworking machinery, textile machinery, printing and packaging equipment, Chemical equipment, equipment, environmental protection equipment, transportation and equipment.