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Product Details

Goodrive800 series engineering transmission products are designed according to heavy-duty conditions, facing high overload capability, high reliability and continuous action. Applications, such as metallurgy, port machinery, lifting, shore power, petroleum, petrochemical, municipal, chemical, power, building materials, mining, shipbuilding, paper, dynamometer, EPS and other industries.


● Modular design, compact and complete

Modular design, convenient Cabinet, easy to maintain, compact, space saving;

Control unit and power unit use optical fiber communication, electrical isolation, strong EMC performance, improve product reliability Long-distance communication facilitates distributed installation of control unit and main drive circuit;


LCL PWM filter unit, effective Reduce network side harmonics;


● User-friendly interface with rich interface


Friendly user interface, User-friendly testing and operation;


Enriched I/O interface, standard I/O can meet most user needs;


Multiple communication methods for connection to a variety of fieldbuses;


● Rich in features to meet the needs of multiple applications

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A wide range of power levels: 380V: 4KW-9.6MW, 500V: 4KW-9.6MW, 660V: 22KW-12MW;


Safety function: Provide STO (Safe Torque Off), SS1 (Safe Stop 1), SL S (safe speed limit) and SBC (safety brake) safety function protection;


Fuse protection: effectively isolate faulty units from faults and expand to the entire system;


Motor temperature detection: monitor motor temperature in real time, protect the safe operation of the motor, and optimize the control performance of the motor;


Control power supply supports dual-loop power supply: control unit can choose external AC 220V power supply for independent power supply or DC bus power supply;


Safety and EMC: Products pass international authoritative certification body TUV SUD CE certification test.