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Invitro Drive GD35

Invitro Drive GD35

Product Details

GD35 Series High Performance Closed-Loop Vector Inverter

GD35 Inverter from Next Generation GD300 Invitrotron inverter, with high control precision, high starting torque, high speed ratio and fast response closed-loop control performance, also has spindle positioning, simple servo function, control accuracy reaches 1 pulse, In some cases, the servo drive can be replaced to optimize the cost for the customer.

Applicable to industries such as machine tools, textile machinery, packaging machinery, papermaking, tension control, and other industrial applications requiring high performance closed loop vector control.

● Full-drive all-around

can drive all kinds of motors: high-speed motors and electric spindles, variable frequency motors, AC servo motors, various synchronous motors, common asynchronous motors;

Complete motor parameter self-learning function, self-learning of full motor parameters for rotation and rest, and self-learning protection function:

Rotary self-learning: must be disconnected from load learning, suitable for control accuracy Highly demanding occasions;

Stationary self-learning: suitable for occasions where the motor cannot be disconnected from the load, to avoid self-learning after the device is installed;

● Closed loop vector control /p>

More accurate and powerful motor torque, speed, position control:

● Simple servo control capability

Pulse reference: arbitrary position positioning control, speed direction control;

has some features of servo drive;

● T V S D reliable warranty

Accepted T V S D certification, with stronger product quality assurance capability in the same industry in China;

● Machine-specific functions

given Mode: Analog quantity 0~10V/0~20mA, -10V~+10V, differential pulse direction, multi-speed;

Spindle quasi-stop: built-in 7 division and 4 zero position;

Homing detection: one type: external zero detection switch; two kinds: encoder Z phase input;

reference point detection: optional terminal function is used to detect 1 position reference point;

Servo control: pulse positioning arbitrary position positioning control, speed direction control;

speed/position mode switching: using dedicated terminal control;

encoder: Support 5V and 12V incremental ABZ encoder and servo dedicated line-saving ABZ UVW encoder; frequency <>

Positioning performance: Support Z pulse and photoelectric switch positioning, accurate positioning without overshoot;

Drive ratio setting: the spindle ratio can be set ;

● Friendly user interface

High-performance keyboard;

Upper computer monitoring software.



Position Control Accuracy

±1 pulse

Higher speed range

Closed Loop Vector 1:1000

higher speed accuracy

closed loop vector: ±0.02%

More Control torque response time

closed loop vector: <>

Higher torque control accuracy

Closed loop vector: torque control accuracy 5%

Lower starting frequency/higher starting torque

Closed loop vector: 0Hz/200%

Excellent weak magnetic control capability

Fast acceleration and deceleration