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Product Details


The graphical configurable T400 technology function module allows the use of closed loop control at the top, open loop control and The positioning function pursues cost efficiency. The powerful 32-bit RISC processor supports constant bus cycle times of 100 microseconds or longer to improve motion accuracy or speed up the machine's operating cycle.

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Application Areas

The T400 can be integrated into the electronics box of several Siemens drives or combined with the technology function box SRT400 as a stand-alone solution.


fast motion, high processing power, accurate positioning, and dynamic motion with advanced control techniques with multiple axis high cycle speeds (100 microseconds) Control capability for all technically applicable block libraries in mechanical and plant engineering. Large-scale flexibility to meet specific requirements Free graphical configuration with STEP 7, CFC and D7 SYS SIMATIC tools or SFC and C programs <>

Design and Features

The T400 has integrated digital and analog I/O, a serial interface and supports a connected position encoder (incremental). There are several ways to configure the T400 depending on the application. You can use STEP 7, CFC and D7-SYS to configure the modules freely, and you can also choose to use a function module that can be run at any time to perform a series of technical functions. Alternatively, you can use the pre-installed standard software package (just parameterize). These packages are also available as source code for application-specific changes. The following application areas are available in standard software packages: shaft rewinders (SPW420) for high performance, high precision rewinders and unwinders, textile machines, wire drawing machines, etc. in foil manufacturing and processing systems. Angle sync (SPA440) with angle synchronization, offset angle adjustment, sync signal processing, etc. that can set conversion rates over a wide range. Crosscut/Flying Shear Control (SPS450) for accurate cutting of fast moving materials, such as flying saws/knives, rotary transverse machines (drum flying shears), and more.