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Analog expansion module

Analog expansion module

Product Details

  Analog Inputs and Outputs for SIMATIC S7-1200

The signal module acts as a stand-alone module

can be used with all CPUs of the SIMATIC S7-1200 (except CPU 1211C)

The signal board is plugged into the CPU as a module in space Use in limited cases;  can be used with all CPUs of the SIMATIC S7-1200

Very short conversion times

For connecting analog sensors and actuators, No need to add amplifiers

to handle more complex automation tasks

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In addition to the existing integration Quasi input / output, but it may also provide analog extension module more analog input / output using the selection. This provides users with the following advantages:


Using analog signal modules, users can have their controllers meet more complex mission requirements.

A signal board can be used in situations where space is limited or only a few additional inputs/outputs are required. The S7-1200 CPU can be modularly expanded via the signal board. This does not increase the installation space required by the controller.

Direct connection of sensors and actuators: up to 14-bit resolution and different input/output ranges allow sensors and actuators to be connected without additional amplifiers

Flexibility:  If the task is subsequently extended, you can upgrade the controller. Updating the user program is very simple.


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Signal Module Has the same design features as the basic equipment.

Mounted on a DIN rail: The modules are mounted on the rails next to the right CPU, electrically and mechanically connected to each other, and connected to the CPU via a slider mechanism.

Direct mounting: Mounted horizontally or vertically on a DIN rail or directly into the control cabinet using integrated inserts.