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Motion Control CPU

Motion Control CPU

Product Details

AH Motion motion controller is Delta's new generation of high-end motion control products, AH Motion motion control host Sharing most of the modules with the AH series PLC, connecting the servo drive through the high-speed motion control network such as EtherCAT, can achieve high-speed, high-precision mechanical equipment control requirements. Product Features
Standard Motion Control System
Providing motion control interfaces such as EtherCAT, DMCNET and Pulse-train. Motion Control Module can operate independently. Users can program the module. Actions such as editing and downloading All motion control modules support standard system architecture. All motion control modules can be installed on the main backplane and extension backplane of the local end. Motion Control Function :
Performance -Pulse train: 1 MHz output - 12 axis synchronization time is 1 ms
-EtherCAT: 8/16/32 axis synchronization time is 0.5/1 /2 ms
Support UD/PD/AB/4AB input mode
Support handwheel input/E-Cam/G-code/2~6 axis linear tween/2 axis arc tween/ 3-axis helical tween Note: EtherCAT motion control module (AHxxEMC-5A) is not supported for installation in I/O slots. Compact Motion Control System
EtherCAT, DMCNET and Pulse are available. Motion control interface such as -train AHxxEMC-5A can be installed on the CPU of a specific motion control backplane In addition to motion control, it can replace the CPU for general CPU operation. The compact motion control system does not support the expansion of the backplane. The motion control module can be installed on the backplane I/O. In the slot