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Delta DVP-SV2

Delta DVP-SV2

Product Details

DVP-S Series High-Order Hosts, Program and Data Buffer Capacity Increased for More Complex Applications . Technical Specifications:
Motion Control Function
High Speed Pulse Output: 4 Groups of 200kHz Support 4 sets of 200kHz hardware high speed counters
add various motion control commands to achieve High-speed accurate positioning control function, effectively applied to equipment such as labeling machine, packaging machine, printing machine, etc. Linear/Arc tween motion control function
External input interrupt is boosted to 16 interrupt inputs
Complete program protection function
Program automatic backup function, battery no power program will not disappear. Up to 4 PLC password protection, firmly guard the user's intellectual property. Support DVP -S series left and right modules, new Ethernet dedicated communication command ETHRW
Application areas:
4-axis servo positioning control; cutting machine (high-speed servo control); XY servo robot arm; servo control Clamping materials applications; equipment applications in industries such as optoelectronics, semiconductors, textiles, energy conservation and building automation.

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