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Product Details

Standard/analog hybrid mainframe, full range standard mainframe
Integrated communication function, built-in 1 set of RS-232, 2 sets of RS-485 communication ports, all support MODBUS master/slave mode;
New DVP32ES2-C: CANopen 1Mbps communication type host, and DVP30EX2: Analog/temperature hybrid host DVP-ES2 provides 16/20/24/32/40/60-point I/O host for various applications. DVP20EX2 has built-in 12-bit 4AI/2AO. With 14-bit AIO expansion module and built-in PID Auto Tuning function, it provides complete analog control solution. DVP30EX2 provides analog/temperature controlled integrated controller with built-in 16-bit 3AI/1AO with built-in temperature PID Auto Tuning function, available Full analog control solutions. 32ES2-C built-in 1Mbps CANopen communication, combined with the new generation of host processing speed, to build field devices with high anti-interference and provincial wiring advantages. Program capacity: 16k steps data register: 10k words
Higher than the same level PLC processing speed, LD: 0.54μs, MOV: 3.4μs
Provides high efficiency processing capability for large program capacity. 1k steps can be processed in 1ms. Provide 100kHz pulse control. It can be used with various motion control commands (such as masking, benchmarking, changing frequency immediately, etc.) for precise application in various multi-axis motion control
Up to 4 PLC password protection to protect user's intellectual property rights