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Delta DVP

Delta DVP

Product Details

DVP-E series high-end host, increasing the size of programs and data buffers for more complex applications . Technical specifications:
Motion control function
High-speed pulse wave output: 4 groups of 200kHz (40-point T or higher)
Support 4 sets of 200kHz hardware high-speed counters
A variety of motion control commands to achieve high-speed accurate positioning control functions, effectively applied to labeling machines, packaging machines, printing presses, etc. Linear/Arc tween motion control function
External input interrupt boost Input for 16 interrupts. Complete program protection function. Program automatic backup function. The battery will not disappear when the battery is not powered. The second backup function can store the second program and data. Up to 4 PLC password protection, firmly guarding the user's intellectual property. Excellent computing power. CPU+ASIC dual processor, support floating point operation, basic instruction execution speed of 0.24 Ss
Flexible special expansion modules and function cards. Variety of special expansion modules and function cards, including analog output/input, temperature measurement, additional single-axis motion control and high-speed counting. The third serial communication port or Ethernet communication card, etc. Delta PLC Easy networking function
As long as the PLC-function is activated, 32 additional network modules can be constructed without additional communication expansion modules. The high-speed special expansion module can be significantly shortened between the host and the expansion module. Data transmission time, which improves the execution efficiency of the host program. Application areas:
High-speed three-axis servo welding machine, high-speed cutting machine, bar feeder, production line, and dispersion monitoring system

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