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Taida AS

Taida AS

Product Details

Delta's AS Series PLCs are high-end general-purpose controllers designed for automation equipment. Delta's self-developed 32-bit SoC CPU boosts performance (40 k steps/ms) and expands up to 32 modules or 1,024 I/Os; powerful positioning control supports up to 8-axis CANopen motion Network/6-axis 200 kHz pulse control for high-end mechanical control. Features: 1. Using Delta's self-developed 32-bit SoC processor to greatly improve performance (40k steps/ms) 2. Powerful positioning control function, can support up to 8-axis CANopen motion at the same time Network/6-axis 200 kHz pulse wave control
3.Using a rugged, no-backboard structure, with a quick mounting mechanism design, patented buckle structure, "straight up/down" replacement module for easy installation. 4. With the professional and simple editing software interface ISPSoft V3.0, quickly complete hardware and network settings, built-in multiple sets of industry-specific function blocks, convenient for customer application. Technical specifications
32-bit SoC processing I/O expansion points: 1,024 points Program capacity: 128k steps
Data buffer is increased to 60k words
Expansion modules: 32 units in total (restriction: analog modules Up to 4 units of 16/communication modules)) High-speed program processing capability: 40k steps/ms
▲Basic instructions (LD): 25 ns
▲Application instructions (MOV): 0.15 us
Diversified module selection, including digital I/O, analog I/O Temperature, weighing modules and function cards, etc. Applications:
Process electronics for consumer electronics, high-end machinery, food and beverage packaging industry