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Standard CPU

Standard CPU

Product Details

Modular Medium PLC
Intelligent solutions for high-end industrial machinery and system integration applications
Product features:
1. High-level software and hardware fully integrated automation system 2. ISPSoft editing software, providing five programming languages and graphical interface. 3. Between the backplane and the backplane The proximal extension communication line can reach 100 meters, which increases the flexibility of hardware planning. 4. Supports module hot insertion function and improves maintenance convenience. Technical Specifications:
32-bit processor
I/O extension points:
- DIO support points are 4,352 points - AIO support channel number is 544 channels - RIO support capacity is 100,000 points or more
Program capacity :384k steps( 1.5MB)
The data buffer is increased to (D+L)256k words. High-speed program processing capability: LD processing speed is 0.02μs. CPU module built-in fully isolated RS-232/422 /485, Mini USB, Ethernet, SDHC memory card function
Diversified module selection, including digital I/O, analog I/O, temperature, network, pulse wave and DMCNET and EtherCAT motion control modules
a class="{$$0$$}">Delta PLC AH series standard CPU application field:
Industrial machinery application:
Excellent movement of AH500 Control function, can realize any three-axis linear tween, any two-axis arc tween, and any three-axis spiral tween and continuous tween function, through the Delta DMCNET high-speed communication network architecture, can reach 1ms instruction cycle 12-axis simultaneous movement or 4 sets of 3-axis simultaneous tween function. Whether it is complex process control or sophisticated motion control requirements, it can be realized through AH500, and it can be effectively applied to various industrial machines, such as building materials machines, warp knitting machines, food packaging machines and so on. System Applications:
The AH500 is a modular controller designed for a variety of high-end automation system applications. It offers a wide range of module options and excellent system architecture scalability to provide superior performance for a variety of system applications. Solutions; for example, for building air conditioning (HVAC) and remote I/O requirements in the paper industry, the AH500 main station can be used as a central control system to disperse the remote I/O of the AH500 in different floor locations in the HVAC system, or A complete solution for building automation or factory automation in different process stages in the paper industry.