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Advanced general purpose

Advanced general purpose

Product Details

Delta's servo motor driver ASDA-A+ series advanced general-purpose Shanghai area first-class agent
This series offers a wide range of options for applications requiring high torque applications, providing more accurate control in industries that require high precision machining or where high responsiveness is required, with ASDA-A2/B2/A/AB series Together, we will build a complete Delta servo product line (100W to 7.5kW). Product Features:
Capacity range: 100W to 7.5kW
▲All series models are AC three-phase 220V voltage input
▲The encoder resolution is 20 bit (1280000 ppr) ) ▲ ECMA servo motor includes 3kW, 4.5kW, 5.5kW, 7.5kW. ▲Motor inertia type is medium to high inertia (54.95E-4 kg.m2~142.7E-4 kg.m2)< ▲="" built-in="" simple="" motion="" mode,="" can="" realize="" functions="" such="" as="" return-to-origin,="" indexing="" function,="" automatic="" loop="" positioning,="" etc.="" ▲high-speed="" pulse="" input=""><>Support MODBUS communication control (RS-485&RS- 422&RS-232), ASCII&RTU communication protocol
▲ASDA-A+ driver built-in motor matching selection functionDelta servo motorIndustrial application:
Spring machinery , bending machine, folding machine, NC feeding machine, all-electric injection machine, gantry comprehensive processing machinery technical program.