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High-function type

High-function type

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Delta's servo motor driver ASD-A2 series one-stage agent
for today's industrial control market for motion control The high performance standard requirements meet the desire of equipment developers and system integrators for accurate positioning control. Delta Group adheres to the attitude of excellence and launches ASDA-A2 high performance servo drive series. (100W-15KW)
Built-in motion control mode, support a variety of axis control operation requirements, completely replace the Motion function of the medium-sized PLC; ASDA-A2 meets the development of new-type servo products, the response frequency of the speed cycle is 1kHz, with A 20-bit resolution encoder that provides accurate positioning and smooth control features. Delta Electronics ASDA-A2 series servo drive is your choice in the field of high-end control! With 20-bit (1280000 p/rev) incremental encoder, accurate positioning control is achieved at low speed. The speed response bandwidth is up to 1 kHz and excellent performance. Provides suppression of cantilever beam sloshing: Pulse Command Notch Filter and FFT mechanical resonance point analysis for automatic mechanical resonance suppression. Built-in powerful "motion control" mode. - The internal position register is increased to 64 points, the speed register is increased to 16 points, and the parameter data amount is increased to 32-bit. - Provide "Path Definition" function to greatly improve the freedom of travel planning. - Supports position commands such as "interruption" and "overlap" to achieve the need to change the positioning distance and running speed in the middle. - Provide "CAPTURE" and "COMPARE" functions to improve the accuracy of fully closed loop positioning control. The ASDA-A2 driver body width is significantly reduced by 40% compared to the ASDA-A series. The software interface uses a USB (type B) type for quick connection to laptops on the market. The expansion slot on the right supports a variety of modular designs.