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Standard type AC servo motor

Standard type AC servo motor

Product Details

Shanghai District Level 1 Agent Delta Servo Motor Driver ECMA Series Standard AC Servo Motor
Features ▲Capacity range: 0.1kW~7.5kW
▲ permanent magnet synchronous motor
▲torque range: 0.32Nm~47.74Nm
▲speed range: 1000 r/min~3000 r/min
▲ Encoder type: 2500ppr, 17bit, 20bit
▲Order: brake, oil seal<▲>Axis type: round shaft, keyway Class="{$$0$$}">Delta Servo MotorsIndustrial Applications
Tools, multi-task rotary machines, sealers, corner cutters, Feeder, engraving machine, lathe, high speed winding machine, test/inspection machine, cutting machine, S MT Machinery Technical Solution
【Industrial Automation】Application of Delta A2-L Servo on CNC Engraving and Milling Machine 【Industrial Automation】Application of Delta Automation Products on Warp Knitting Machine
[Industrial Automation] Zhongda Dentsu products are used in the machine tool industry. [Industrial Automation] Delta 20PM motion controller is applied to high-speed soap cutting machine. [Industrial Automation] Delta Power Electric Servo-assisted Injection Molding Machine energy-saving application
【Industrial automation】Application of Delta mechanical and electrical products in slub yarn equipment 【Industrial automation】Application of automation module design on candy packaging machine 【Industrial Automation】Zida Application of Numerical Control on Vertical Elliptical Exhaust Pipe Welding Machine [Industrial Automation] Machine Tool Numerical Control Transformation Application Scheme [Industrial Automation] Application of Delta 20PM Motion Controller on High Speed Winding Machine
[Industrial Automation] Zhongda H6 CNC System Perfectly Realizes Precise Control of High-end Composite Lathes [Industrial Automation] Delta Bus-type Solution in Vertical Food Successful application of installed capacity 【Industrial Automation】Application of Delta products on diamond grinding wheel grinding machine 【Industrial Automation】Zida's application program on five-axis laser cladding repair center 【Industrial Automation] Application of Delta 20PM Controller in Packaging Film Punching Machine [Industrial Automation] Application of Delta Electromechanical Products in Double Servo Automatic Cutting Table [Industrial Automation] Delta DVP10MC11T+ Delta A2 Application of Servo in Reciprocating Packaging Machine [Industrial Automation] Application of Delta Products on Corrugating Roll Grinders