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Small high-end intelligent vector inverter

Small high-end intelligent vector inverter

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Delta InverterC2000 Series successfully applied to steel Factory steelmaking equipment electromagnetic stirrer

VFD-C200 is a new generation of small high-end intelligent vector inverter. Built-in rich motor control mode and up to 5,000 steps of PLC function, it can flexibly meet different application requirements; innovative anti-fouling and heat-dissipation design can greatly enhance the tolerance to harsh environments.




In the near future, the leading brand of industrial automation - Delta successfully will drive C2000 The series is applied to the electromagnetic stirrer of steelmaking equipment in the steelmaking process of a steelmaking plant in Taiwan, which satisfies the demand of steel liquid mixing in the customer's steelmaking process and improves the quality of the steel embryo, which is recognized by customers. The steel mill is currently a large-scale steelmaking plant in Taiwan. The annual output of crude steel is about 10 million tons. The main products are steel plates, strip steel, hot rolling, cold rolling, and electromagnetic steel. Steel such as rolls and titanium-based/nickel-based alloys. In the general steelmaking process, the molten iron is produced from the blast furnace, the carbon and impurities in the molten iron are removed by the converter process, the molten iron is refined into molten steel, and the molten steel is introduced into the casting channel to form a steel preform. For subsequent processing. The initial formed steel slab solidifies before it is completely cooled and hardened, but the interior is still liquid. Therefore, when passing through the casting path, the principle of electromagnetic induction is used to pass the agitating roller coil of the non-contact electromagnetic stirrer to an alternating current of a specific frequency to generate an alternating magnetic field, so that the molten steel conductor generates an induced current while the magnetic field The interaction generates electromagnetic force, and the electromagnetic force agitates the molten steel to make the inner crystal of the steel embryo more uniform and dense, thereby reducing pores and internal crack defects to improve the quality of the steel embryo. In order to effectively control the current and frequency of the electromagnetic stirrer and improve the operational efficiency of the equipment, the steel mill uses Delta's universal vector control inverter C2000 series (460V / 315KW) for steelmaking. Process. According to the application requirements of the customer's electromagnetic stirrer, Delta has developed the firmware for the C2000 series. In addition to providing the EMS mode with independent control of current and frequency, it is equipped with special logic control method to improve the three-phase of the stirring roller. The problem of balancing the current effectively reduces the three-phase current unbalance rate from 40% to less than 4%, and the electromagnetic stirrer operation stability is greatly improved. In addition, Delta also provides a multi-function integrated meter DPM-C530A series, which detects the output voltage/current and input voltage of the device, ensuring normal operation of the device and improving system security.
Taiwan not only has complete functions and flexibility, but also provides complete technical services to meet the customer needs of customers. Therefore, it has won the favor of the steel mill and defeated well-known European and American brands. It replaces the original Japanese brand products and brings more benefits to steel mills.

 Magnetic field vector control and built-in PLC ▲ Adapt to a variety of industrial equipment applications ▲ Built-in PG card, can achieve closed-loop vector control ▲ strong performance Ring vector control features ▲ Long life design and life detection of important parts ▲ Enhanced environmental tolerance and protection ▲ Built-in standard MODBUS, CAN bus function

p>Industry applications: food packaging machines, conveyor belt equipment, textile machines, woodworking machines, fans, pumps, etc.


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