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High Performance Vector Inverter

High Performance Vector Inverter

Product Details

CH2000 series high performance vector Delta inverterProduct details

Delta CH2000 series high performance vector inverter, integrating IM/PM motor control, It can meet the special needs of impact transient load, high overload and heavy load in lifting, transportation, CNC machine tools, etc.


▲ Overload capability: rated current 150 % up to 60 seconds; 200% up to 3 seconds ▲ Starting torque: up to 200% at 0.5 Hz; FOC+PG up to 200% at 0 Hz; ▲ Output frequency :0.00 ~ 600.00 Hz (90KW or more: 0.00~400Hz) 
▲Induction motor and synchronous motor control dual unit integration ▲ Built-in 10K steps PLC
▲ Low noise modulation technology <>

Industry Applications: Lifting, Transportation, CNC Machine Tools, Printing Machinery