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High-function and simple type

High-function and simple type

Product Details

Delta PLC Inverter VFD-S Series High-performance and simple off-the-shelf

115v single-phase series 230v single-phase/three-phase series 460v three-phase series 220v

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Delta Inverter, National Distributor of Delta Inverter

VFD002S21A     VFD004S21A    VFD007S21A   ;   VFD015S21D

VFD022S21D     VFD004S43A    VFD007S43A     VFD015S43D


This series is known for its simple operation, providing practical function buttons, and high-frequency switching technology to make the motor running noise greatly reduced; Very high cost performance.


▲ Output frequency 1.0-400Hz

 ▲ Configurable V/F curve

▲ Carrier frequency Up to 10 kHz

 ▲ Built-in PID feedback control

▲ Internationalized communication format Modbus (RS-485 baud rate up to 38400bps)

 ▲ Built-in instant power failure and fault restart function

▲ Built-in sleep/wake function

▲ Support communication module: DN-02, LN-01, PD-01


Scope of application: building air conditioning, water distribution system in the building water supply system, medium and large oven temperature control, webbing machine (lace, backpack strap), packaging machine, conveyor belt, Dryer windmill


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