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High-protection inverter

High-protection inverter

Product Details

CT2000 Series High Protection Inverter


Delta CT2000 Series Delta Inverter is designed for harsh environments such as high temperature, high humidity, high dust, heavy pollution, transient voltage fluctuations, fanless design, durable and high protection, which can meet the roving frame, spinning frame, Special requirements for high-pollution industries such as machine tools, ceramics, glass, etc.


▲ Fanless design with high-efficiency heat sinks, wall-mounted installation ▲ The air duct cooling system configuration required by the specification effectively improves the system protection and heat dissipation. ▲ Reserve the external fan power supply for The connector can be purchased according to the actual situation. ▲ Supports the DEB function, and the drive is smoothly decelerated by the rebound energy when braking. ▲ The permanent magnet synchronous motor can be driven. ▲ Common DC busbar
▲ PCB adopts IEC 60721-3-3 CLASS 3C2 grade protective coating to enhance tolerance.


Industry applications: roving frames, spinning frames, machine tools, ceramics, glass equipment, etc.



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