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Multifunctional Mini Frequency Converter

Multifunctional Mini Frequency Converter

Product Details

Shanghai distributor Delta Delta VFD-EL series Multi-function/mini stock


115v Series 230v Series 460v Series


Delta Inverter, Delta Inverter An Agent Shanghai Kuan Ying Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.

115v Series  VFD-002EL      VFD-004EL          ;        VFD-007EL

230v Series VFD-002EL        VFD- 004EL                  VFD-007EL     &nb Sp;         VFD-015EL           VFD-037EL    ;               VFD-022EL

460v Series VFD-004EL        VFD-007EL     VFD-015EL             

           VFD-037EL       VFD-022EL

This series adopts high efficiency heat dissipation design, which can be installed side by side, with aluminum rail installation, saves space, and has built-in functions for a wide range of applications in the market, providing more choices for the industry.


▲ Output frequency 0.1~600Hz

 ▲ 3-point arbitrary V/F curve

▲ Built-in PID back Control

▲ RFI-switch for ungrounded power systems

▲ Built-in EMI filter (230V 1 phase and 460V 3 phase models)

▲ RS-485 communication interface (RJ-45), standard Modbus communication protocol

▲ Diversified communication modules supporting multiple communication protocols such as Profibus, DeviceNet, LonWorks and CANopen

 ▲ Complete protection function

▲ Optional digital operation panel and monitoring software

 Small water pump, blower, food Packaging, printing machinery, medicine machine, etc.


[Industrial Automation]  Zhongda Dentsu products are used in the machine tool industry

[Industrial Automation]  Taiwan products in the textile machinery industry rotor spinning application

[Industrial Automation]  Delta automation products in the pharmaceutical factory floor hoist application

[Industrial Automation]  Application of Delta Inverter in Mine Wire Sawing Machine System

[Building Automation]  Delta Fieldbus Products in the Central Applications conditioning system

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