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Multifunctional Simple Delta Inverter

Multifunctional Simple Delta Inverter

Product Details

Shanghai first-class agent Delta inverter VFD-L series multi-function simple stock supply

< p="">115V Series  230V Series

This series is designed for small horsepower motors with built-in EMI filter to effectively suppress electromagnetic interference.


▲ Output frequency 1.0-400Hz

 ▲ Configurable V/F curve

▲ Carrier frequency Up to 10 kHz

 ▲ Automatic torque boost and automatic slip compensation function

▲ Built-in Modbus up to 9600bps


< p="">Application range: simple wood cutting machine, conveyor belt, wire drawing machine, blood centrifuge


[Industrial Automation]  Zhongda Dentsu products are applied in the machine tool industry

[Industrial Automation]  Taiwan products in the textile machinery industry, the application of rotor spinning

[Industrial Automation]  Application of Delta Automation Products in the tier elevator of the pharmaceutical factory

[Industrial Automation]  Application of Delta Inverter in Mining Wire Sawing Machine System

[Building Automation]  Application of Delta Fieldbus Products in Central Air Conditioning System

[Industrial Automation]  Application of Delta Inverter on Gravure Printing Machine

[Industrial Automation]  Application of Delta Electromechanical Products in Double Station Printing and Coating Machine

[Industrial Automation]  Technology of Delta Automation Products in Chemical Fiber Production Lines Program

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