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Ultra low noise mini type

Ultra low noise mini type

Product Details

Ultra-Shanghai agent Delta inverterVFD-M series ultra low Noise Mini Off-the-shelf

 115V Single Phase Series 230V Single Phase/Three Phase Series 460V Three Phase Series 575V Three Phase Series

M Series Special Machine-Special Machine With special triangular wave output function, single pulse input can form speed closed loop control, accept pulse frequency range: 0~30KHZ

VFD015M43B-T     VFD022M43B-T    ;VFD037M43A-T           (380V)


This series offers medium horsepower Power, featuring lightweight size and quiet operation; in addition, the product uses a variety of protection technologies to significantly improve The ability of the whole machine to resist interference.

▲ Output frequency 0.1~400Hz

▲ V/F curve and vector control that can be set

▲ Carrier frequency up to 15kHz

< p="">▲ Automatic torque boost and automatic slip compensation function

▲ Built-in PID feedback control

▲ Built-in Modbus (RS-485 baud rate up to 38400bps)

▲ Zero speed hold function

▲ Sleep/wake function

▲ Support communication module: DN-02, LN-01, PD-01


Applications: balers, dumpling machines, treadmills, aquaculture temperature and humidity control fans, food processing mixers, grinding machines, drilling machines, small hydraulic lathes (under 3HP), elevators ( 2HP), coating machine, small milling machine (3HP for plane machining), robot arm for injection molding machine (clamping), woodworking machine (two-side planer), welting machine, texturing machine


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