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Mitsubishi FX3U

Mitsubishi FX3U

Product Details

The FX3U, a new product of Mitsubishi FX series PLC, has improved its positioning function compared to the previous FX series. The positioning function of FX3U mainly has the following points:
1. The pulse output of the PLC main body is increased from two to three. 2. The positioning command is increased. 3. The expandable high-speed pulse output module FX3U-2HSY-ADP is used for positioning. 4. Scalable positioning module FX3U-20SSC-H module is used for positioning. 5. Positioning module before connection to FX seriesMitsubishi PLCDetails:
[Basic performance is greatly improved]
The CPU processing speed has reached 0.065us/basic instructions. A large-capacity RAM memory with up to 64K steps is built in. The number of internal devices has been greatly increased. The function of the instruction is enhanced, providing up to 209 application instructions, including instructions for communicating with Mitsubishi inverters, CRC calculation instructions, generating random number instructions, and the like. [Integrated industry advanced functions]
The basic unit of the transistor output type has built-in 3-axis independent high 100kHz positioning function, and adds a new positioning command: Origin Return (DOZR) with DOG search, Interrupt single speed positioning (DVIT) and table setting positioning (TBL) make the positioning control function more powerful and more convenient to use. Built-in 6-point simultaneous high-speed counting function of 100 kHz, 4-times counting can be performed in two-phase counting.
[Powerful expandability]
Enhanced communication function, built-in programming port High-speed communication of 115.2 kbps can be achieved, and three communication ports (including the programming port) can be used at the same time. New high-speed I/O adapters, analog I/O adapters and temperature input adapters have been added. These adapters do not occupy system points and are easy to use. Ten special adapters can be connected to the left side of the FX3U. High-speed counting of 8 channels and 200 kHz can be achieved by using a high-speed input adapter. 4-axis, 200 kHz positioning control can be realized by using a high-speed output adapter, and the base unit of the relay output type can also be positioned and controlled by connecting the adapter. The control of the CC-Link network can achieve 84 points (including remote I/O). The optional high-performance display module (FX3U-7DM) can display user-defined English, numeric and Japanese kanji information, and can display: 16 characters in half angle (8 characters in full angle) × 4 lines. On this module, it is possible to monitor and test the device, set the clock, and transfer and compare the program between the memory card and the built-in RAM. In addition, the display module can also be mounted on the panel of the control cabinet.
[Others] FX3U series PLC programming software: GX Developer 8.23Z or higher is required.