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Mitsubishi FX3GA

Mitsubishi FX3GA

Product Details

Mitsubishi Micro Programmable Controller FX3GA is new, divided into Standard Model and High-Spec model Two types of specifications. The standard model has various control functions from automation to network communication and has basic control functions for various purposes. The high-performance model is faster, more refined, rich in scalability and high-performance, enabling high-speed control, corresponding to network communication and data logging. FX3GA is an all-in-one machine that combines the concept of simple application. It is cost-effective for small-scale control, has large-capacity memory that can store a large number of annotations, more than 30,000 data registers, 60kHz high-speed signal processing, and simpler. The 3-axis positioning method. At the same time, FX3GA has flexible and rich extensions for application control in different industries. It can be installed with a function expansion board, can be connected to 4 adapters, temperature control and analog input and output are also very simple, no need to be programmed with an adapter, and 4ch simultaneous communication. Compared with some previous models, FX3GA's specialty lies in its solid network communication, confidentiality, and high-quality guarantee of Mitsubishi Electric, which has been favored by users. The FX3GA only needs to link the corresponding devices, and network communication such as Ethernet , MODBUS , and CC-Link can be realized. It is also suitable for applications such as temperature regulators and drivers, image detection devices, and the like. The enhancement of confidentiality, the use of OEM passwords, customer passwords and GX Works2 certification protection for the protection of the program, gives users a great degree of peace of mind. In addition, the original anti-counterfeit label of Mitsubishi Electric is attached to the product, which guarantees the quality.