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Mitsubishi FX2N

Mitsubishi FX2N

Product Details

The FX2n series is an advanced series in the FX series PLC family. Because the FX2n series has the following features: a wide range of standard features, faster program execution, full complement of communication functions, different power supplies for different countries, and a large number of special function modules to meet individual needs, it can be used for your factory automation applications. Provides great flexibility and control. Special functions developed for a large number of practical applications have developed various ranges of special function modules to meet different needs - analog I/O, high speed counters. Positioning control up to 16 axes, pulse train output or temperature module developed for J and K type thermocouples or Pt sensors. A total of up to eight special function modules can be configured for each FX2n main unit. Network and data communication Connect to the world's popular open network CC-Link, Profibus Dp and DeviceNet or use a sensor-level network to solve your communication needs. Other functions
Built-in 24V DC power supply 24V, 400mA DC power supply can be used for peripheral devices such as sensors or other components. Quickly disconnecting the terminal block Because the terminal block is quickly disconnected with excellent maintainability, the unit can be replaced even with the cable. The clock function and hour meter function have real-time clock standards in all FX2N PLCs. Time settings and comparison instructions are easy to operate. The hour meter function provides valuable information for process tracking and machine maintenance. The continuous scan function defines the cycle of operation for the continuous scan time required by the application. The input filter adjustment function flattens the input signal with the input filter (x000 to x017 in the base unit). The annotation record function annotation can be recorded in the program register. Online program editing online change program does not lose working time or stop production operation. The run/stop switch on the RUN/STOP switch panel is easy to operate. Remote Maintenance Programming software can remotely monitor, upload or uninstall programs and data via modem communication. Password protection protects your program with an eight-digit password.