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Mitsubishi inverter FR-L700

Mitsubishi inverter FR-L700

Product Details

Mitsubishi Inverter L700 Series Features:
Localization, cost-effective, high performance, high precision, Reliability, specialization, built-in PLC programming. Power range 0.5KW - 55KW
Industry application printing and packaging, cable, material, textile printing and dyeing, rubber tires, logistics machinery (slitting machine, coating machine, form printing machine, stranding machine, Wire drawing machine, dyeing machine, roving machine, stacker). The Mitsubishi Inverter L700 series has added the tension control function of the receiving-discharging-volume based on the original A700 series inverter. At the same time, the new product also has built-in PLC programming function, which saves the user the cost of use. In addition, the L700 series inverters have energy-saving operation mode, regenerative avoidance function, and support multiple networks. The operation is simple and efficient, and the maintenance of safe and efficient features makes the L700 series products a cost-effective generation of new machines. L700 series inverter features: high level of drive performance, rich and practical application functions, rich network functions, simple and efficient, safe and reliable operation and maintenance, friendly environment, high performance of ordinary motors (sensorless vector control) ) Tension control function