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Mitsubishi inverter FR-F800

Mitsubishi inverter FR-F800

Product Details

Mitsubishi Electric introduces a new generation of FR-F800 series inverters that inherit innovation, energy efficiency and environmental protection. With the global warming effect increasing and the increasing demand for energy saving and emission reduction, we will help you achieve energy saving and emission reduction while reducing your electricity costs. The newly developed advanced excitation control of the FR-F800 series provides energy-saving drive, provides greater starting torque, and greatly improves motor efficiency. Through the offline self-adjustment function, not only can the Mitsubishi permanent magnet synchronous motor be perfectly driven, but also the motors of other manufacturers can realize advanced excitation control through automatic tuning, thereby expanding energy-saving use. The PID multi-loop function enables the FR-F800 to control the motor state not only in the inverter but also in the external machine, thereby reducing system cost. At the same time, the PID pre-charging function can avoid the sharp acceleration and deceleration operation. With the simple fault diagnosis function, the operation status before the protection function is triggered can be stored in the external USB flash memory through the tracking function, so that you can easily perform remote fault analysis by remotely importing data into FR Configurator2. In order to respond to various environments, the FR-F800 performs standard coating treatment on the substrate. At the same time, the built-in EMC filter will effectively reduce electromagnetic interference, allowing you to use it in any situation. The FR-F800 with excellent energy-saving effect perfectly matches many applications such as fans, pumps, building air conditioners, air compressors, and cooling towers. It will become a weapon for you to save energy and increase efficiency!