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Mitsubishi inverter FR-E700

Mitsubishi inverter FR-E700

Product Details

Inverter: FR-E700 Series
Economical inverter with high drive performance is a masterpiece of all-round and mini. Product model
200V class: FR-E720-008~600-NA (0.1K~15K)
400V class: FR-E740-016~300-NA (0.4K~15K) Product Description
The analog output signal is 0~10VDC.
The communication standard interface is RS-485 and MODBUS-RTU.
USB interface (Mini-B) is connected to the computer. The FR Configurator setting software sets the inverter parameters and storage parameters. In the advanced magnetic flux vector control mode, the capacity of 3.7K or less can realize the high torque 200% 0.5Hz characteristic of the inverter at low frequency, and the 5.5K~15K torque is 150% 0.5Hz. The "no rotation" Auto Tuning function can be used to achieve high precision and high efficiency when the machine is running. The FR-E700 instantaneous overload withstand tolerance increased to 200% 3sec (FR-E500 is 200% 0.5sec), reducing the risk of overload tripping. The torque limit and current limit functions are further enhanced to provide better mechanical protection. The torque limit will enhance the protection of the tool machinery, such as protecting the tool from damage. Corresponding to the environmental safety regulations, FR-E700 can correspond to the European RoHS regulations for specific hazardous substances. The design life of the cooling fan, main circuit smoothing capacitor and control loop capacitor is ten years. The full capacity of the cooling fan is placed in the upper part of the inverter, which is separate from the power line terminal. When the fan is replaced, the risk of working under the hot line can be reduced. Maintenance convenience: The inverter can self-diagnose the performance of internal main circuit smoothing capacitors, control circuit capacitors, cooling fans, and inrush current suppression circuits. Detachable control terminal block: The wiring terminal card of the control circuit can be interchanged when the same series of inverters are replaced. 0.4K~15K built-in brake crystal, can be installed with brake resistor to improve the regenerative capacity. It can be used with built-in options: 16-bit digital input, Digital output, Rely output, CC-Link communication, Device Net communication, Profibus-DP communication, Lonworks communication.