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Mitsubishi inverter FR-D700

Mitsubishi inverter FR-D700

Product Details

FR-D700 Series
Multi-function compact inverter for easy access to modern variable frequency drive technology field. 1. Mitsubishi inverter output setting frequency:
Analog input 0.06HZ (terminal 2.4: 0-10V/10bit) 0.12HZ/60HZ (terminal 2.4: 0-5V9bit) 0.06hz/60hz ( Terminal 4: 4-20MA/10bit)
2. Mitsubishi inverter voltage frequency characteristics:
The base frequency can be arbitrarily set between 0-400HZ, and the constant torque curve or variable torque curve can be selected. 3. Mitsubishi inverter input signal:
Multi-speed remote setting second function selection terminal 4 input selection JOG operation selection PID control valid terminal external protection input PU-external operation switching V/F switching < output="" stop="" start="" self-holding="" simple="" floating="" function="" forward="" rotation,="" reverse="" command="" reset="" inverter="" pu-net="" operation="" switching="" external-net="" operation="" switching="" command="" right="" switching="" inverter="" operation="" permission="" switching="" pu="" operation="" external="" lock.="" 4.="" mitsubishi="" inverter="" display="" instrument:="">
Output current from output frequency (constant) Output voltage Frequency set value Inverter output voltage Regenerative braking use rate Electronic overcurrent protection Load rate Output current peak frequency conversion Output voltage peak reference voltage output PID target value PID set value PID deviation
5. Use environment: ambient temperature -10-+50 degrees Celsius ambient humidity below 90RH (no condensation)
The surrounding environment is -20-+65 degrees Celsius and the vibration altitude is below 1000M. Mainly used in petroleum, chemical, textile, electric power, coal, food, paper, plastic, printing, cable, water supply, HVAC, metallurgy, Sewage treatment and other industries, machinery: wire drawing machine, mixer, fan pump, grinding machine, conveyor belt, centrifuge and various speed control mechanical ceramic machinery, food machinery, glass machinery, aluminum equipment and so on.