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Mitsubishi inverter FR-A800

Mitsubishi inverter FR-A800

Product Details

The FR-A800 series inverter is an advanced solution for Mitsubishi Electric. Whether your need is to get an easy solution or control a high-capacity motor system, the FR-A800 is designed to be flexible and offers a wealth of embedded features to simplify application and implementation. The FR-A800 also excels at performing more complex motion requirements, such as processing coordinated multi-axis motion control, load conveyors, and gantry crane systems. Product Description
Advanced Drive Performance
Encoder feedback control permanent magnet motor (IPM and SPM) is not required. Support SIN COS sine wave encoder signal
High operating frequency 400Hz in control mode, high operating frequency 590Hz in V/F control mode. Built-in PLC function. ●Relief and safety. Safety specification PLd, SIL2 standard corresponding. The inverter control power supply DC24V standard corresponds to the inverter temperature can be monitored immediately. Trace data function can record the instantaneous running state before the inverter protection function is activated. The time function can display the time and date to the inverter abnormality. Easy to analyze content ● Simple setting, simple operation
Direct use of USB flash drive storage parameters
LED operation panel FR-DU08 five-digit 12-segment display
Control loop is pressed Connected terminals

factory energy saving
The energy saving effect of the inverter can be displayed in the monitoring function. External DC24V power supply standby, standby power reduction ●Environmental considerations
400V specification Special specifications correspond to IP55, built-in DC reactor saves installation space. New application of Coating board improves durability in harsh environments (corresponding to IEC60721-3-3 3C2 instructions)
Built-in EMC Filter (EN61800-3) Command correspondence)

Global safety regulations correspond to UL, cUL, EC directives (CE marking), Korean radio wave method (KC logo)
RoHS directive Corresponding ship certification NK, LR, DNV , ABS, BV, CCS, KR