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Parker full digital DC governor 590P591P

Parker full digital DC governor 590P591P

Product Details

Pike DC Governor590P/591P Product Details

 590+ Full Digital DC Controller is a new product from Continental Europe. Based on the excellent performance of the original 590C, it is as follows: Improve.

☆ The new local control function can be used to realize the start/stop and speed control of the motor through the operation panel 6901;

☆ New Devicenet, Canopen, Lonworks bus Communication function;

☆  has the same shape, unified programming/parameter setting method and communication method with Continental inverter 690+;

☆  armature voltage, armature The current and magnetic field currents are completely set by the software, and the check board is no longer used;

☆ The built-in fan has lower noise.  

☆ Speed ratio: 100:1, improved by our technology up to 1000:1

☆ Stable accuracy: Speed motor feedback is better than 0.1%

☆ Optical code feedback is better than 0.01%  

DC governor is a motor speed control device, including motor DC governor, pulse width DC speed regulation , thyristor DC governor, etc., generally modular DC motor governor, integrated power, control, drive circuit in one, using a three-dimensional structure layout, the control circuit uses micro-power components, using optocouplers to achieve current The voltage is isolated and the proportional constant, integral constant and differential constant of the circuit are adjusted by the PID adapter. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, etc. It can be used alone or directly on a DC motor to form an integrated DC speed-regulating motor, which can have all the functions that the governor should have.

Applicable occasions

The DC governor is required for the following occasions:

1. A wider speed range is required;

2 Need a faster dynamic response process;

3. Automatic smoothing over-process is required during acceleration and deceleration;

4. Torque is required when running at low speed;

< p="">5. Need better excavator characteristics, can automatically limit the overload current to the set current.

The above five points are also the application characteristics of the DC governor.

Application range

CNC machine tools, paper printing, textile printing and dyeing, cable and cable equipment, packaging machinery, electrical machinery, food processing machinery, rubber machinery, biological equipment, printed circuit boards Equipment, laboratory equipment, welding and cutting, light industrial machinery, logistics and transportation equipment, rolling stock, medical equipment, communication equipment, radar equipment, satellite ground receiving systems.