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Parker inverter 590C591C

Parker inverter 590C591C

Product Details

Parker 590C/591C Product Introduction


590C The series is Parker DC governor, the control unit uses AC 3-phase standard voltage of 110V to 500V, provides DC output voltage and current, is used for armature and excitation, and is suitable for DC excitation motor and permanent Control of the magnetic motor.

Performance description
Control circuit: completely isolated from the power supply circuit. Control function: 16-bit microprocessor for full digital control, advanced PI (proportional-integral) adjustment, with Adaptive current loop for good dynamic performance, current loop with self-tuning. Adjustable PI speed loop with integral separation. Speed control: use armature voltage feedback with IR compensation; encoder feedback or analog tachogenerator. Speed range: feedback with tachogenerator, the speed ratio is 100:1. Steady-state accuracy: encoder feedback with speed setpoint (serial line or P3) is 0.01%; analog speed feedback is 0.1%; armature voltage feedback is 2%; can be achieved with QUADRALOCMKII digital controller Fully accurate (0.0% error). Parameters: All parameters are adjusted by software through the serial port or the buttons on the panel and the LCD display. Diagnostics: Fully computerized, latched fault, automatic display. Digital LCD monitor monitoring. All diagnostic information is available via RS422/RS485. LED circuit status display.