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European DC Speed Regulator 590P591P

European DC Speed Regulator 590P591P

Product Details

European DC Speed Regulator 590P/591P Series

590+All The digital DC controller is a new product from Continental Europe. It has made many improvements based on the excellent performance of the original 590C.

Improved as follows:

☆ The new local control function can be used to realize the start/stop and speed control of the motor through the operation panel 6901;
 New Add Devicenet, Canopen, Lonworks bus communication function; ☆  has the same shape, unified programming/parameter setting method and communication method with Continental inverter 690+;

☆ armature The voltage, armature current, and field current are completely set by software, and the check board is no longer used.
☆ The built-in fan has lower noise.  

☆ Speed ratio: 100:1, improved by our technology up to 1000:1<> Stable accuracy: The speed motor feedback is better than 0.1%

< p="">☆ Optical code feedback is better than 0.01%